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ASP Training Prop Handcuffs

ASP Training Prop HandcuffsASP Training Prop Handcuffs
ASP Training Prop HandcuffsASP Training Prop Handcuffs
Item# ASP-07483X
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The ASP Training Prop Handcuffs are the perfect training gear for those who want to hone their skills and improve their abilities. Especially designed for law enforcement and military training, these training handcuffs are exact replicas of the actual law enforcement equipment as it would be folded and stowed on your duty belt or in a case. Easy to use, these training handcuffs are designed to be used by cadets, students or used for demonstration by instructors. These models are only props and are non functional and have no moving parts as they are molded in the closed or carry position. Molded of a solid polymer material which is colored for the distinct Red training look which is recognized throughout the world. Alternate Force and ASP are bringing solutions for student training in law enforcement sector.

Available Models

  • 07483 - Chain Prop Training Handcuffs
  • 07484 - Hinge Prop Training Handcuffs
  • 07485 - Rigid Prop Training Handcuffs
ASP-07483X, 07483X, ASP07483, ASP-07483, ASP 07483, ASP07483, 07483ASP-07484, ASP 07484, ASP07484, 07484ASP-07485, ASP 07485, ASP07485, 07485

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