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Blackhawk Ammo Cheek Rifle Pad

Blackhawk Ammo Cheek Rifle Pad
Item# BH-90CP02BK
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The Blackhawk Ammo Cheek Rifle Pad is an intelligently crafted cheek rest that aims towards increasing the rifle userís comfort and confidence of securely gripping the weapon as well. This rifle pad comes made from 1000 denier heavy-duty nylon and closed cell foam. It features well-padded suede type cheek pad area that not only provides a convenient and secure storage place for 5 rounds of ammunition, but also makes sure that your neck and cheek feel minimum of the shooting impact.

Non-slip material of the cheek pad ensures 100% sure grip for the shooter and also raises the comb height of your rifle to help you better align the sight on target, especially while using big tactical scopes. The Blackhawk Ammo Cheek Rifle Pad provides perfect fit on the stock of your rifle so that you are always aware of the ammunition status and reload it quickly. It is available in black color and comes equipped with an external zippered utility pouch for storing small accessories.


  • Constructed of 1000 denier nylon
  • Non-slip material for positive cheek weld
  • Allows for quick reload and instant visual of ammo status
  • Zippered utility pouch for external ammunition storage
  • Patent pending
BH-90CP02BK, BH 90CP02BK, BH90CP02BK, 90CP02BK

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