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37/40 Launchers

37/40 Launchers

MTS 37 / 40 Launchers

The MTS 37 / 40 Launchers are rugged, aggressive, functional, yet light in weight single-shot launchers, which makes them well-suited for use in correction and mob control situations. They are offered in the versions of 37mm and 40mm, offering mission-specific options to personnel in a range of short- or long-range munitions. They are produced in both single and double action configuration to fit the tactical requirements in different confrontational scenarios.

The MTS 37 / 40 Launchers are designed to fire standard 37/40mm and 40mm less-lethal ammunition. They have a pistol grip at the trigger and vertical fore grip at the muzzle for better control and accurate aim. These munitions are aimed to serve only the law enforcement agencies. They cannot be sold to civilians or other organizations.

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