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Panther II Alcohol Breath Analyzer for Workplaces

Panther II Alcohol Breath Analyzer for Workplaces
Item# MMC-PantherII
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Panther II Alcohol Breath Analyzer for Workplaces

With fuel cell based, BrACAudit Panther II is a hand-held compact and robust breath alcohol tester to determine a subjects breath alcohol level quickly, accurately and economically. (WORKPLACE)

Technical Data
Principle of measurement
Electrochemical Sensor, alcohol-specific
Measurement Range (BrAC) 0.000mg/L`1.500mg/L
Resolution 0.0001 mg/L
Accuracy: Max. Measuring error, in relation to the ethanol standard
Ethanol Vapor

Concentration       Deviation

C /(mg/L)

Range 0 to 1%              0.05 absolute

Range 1 to 2%    5 of measured value

Range >2%             5 of measured value


Calibration Every 6 months
Temperature range-storage -5c ` 45c
Temperature range-storage -30c ~ 70c
Blowing Time. 3 seconds ibreath flow F≥ 20L/minj
Blowing Time 3 seconds ibreath flow F≥ 20L /minj
Warm-up Time 6 seconds after switching on
Recovery Time 5 seconds to 5 minutes, depends on Ethanol Vapor Concentration
Analysis Time Less than 10 seconds
Optimum Storage Conditions Temperature 25c 5, Humidity: <80%RH,Pressure: 86kPa~106kPa, No vapor or electromagnetic disturbances in the environment are influencing the normal working conditions of the device.
Blowing time 3 seconds (breath flow: ≥20L/min)
Display 2.4 inch 320*240 dot matrix touch screen
Memory Capacity Stores 4000 measured values with date and time
Communication Method for Printer. Bluetooth
Printer External connected Bluetooth, Thermal or Dot Matrix Printer
Dimensions (L*W*T)


Approx. 140mm*60mm*24.5mm
Number of measurements per Battery Pack More than 500 times (under ambient conditions)
Operation Voltage State of charging       State of Operation

DC 5V                     DC 3.3 ~ 4.2V

Batteries 1200mAh/10V polymerized battery
Weight Approx. 180g (including printer, batteries, paper roll)

10 mouthpieces
1 AC charger .
1 Car charger
1 data cable
1 leather case for whole set
1 leather case for device

Sku: MMC-PantherII, MMC PantherII, MMCPantherII

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