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Petzl ASAP Fall Arrestor

Petzl ASAP Fall Arrestor
Item# RT-23540271
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Designed for technical rope professionals, the Petzl 23540271 ASAP Fall Arrestor is a mobile fall arrest device that has been reworked and specialized for different uses. Featuring a unique locking system, it is a reference product in fall protection for labors working at heights. The device moves smoothly along the rope without human intervention, however in case of shock or sudden acceleration, it locks on the rope and stops the user. This simple to use works effectively on vertical or angled ropes and stop falls, slides, and uncontrolled descents. Designed to easily install and remove at any point on the rope, it can be combined with an ASAP'SORBER energy absorbing lanyard to work at a distance from the rope.

RT-23540271, 23540271, RT23540271

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