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Star Power Illuminator - Clearance Limited Quantities (Act Now)

Star Power Illuminator - Clearance Limited Quantities (Act Now)
Item# EMI-882X
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Experience brilliant illumination in the palm of your hand with the Star Power Illuminator, which on its telescopic body’s extension illuminates 10 powerful LED lights. Providing an output of 160 lumens, the 10 LED lights last for a good time period. The flashlight’s head, with one LED light, has a separate sealed button switch and can adjust up to a 90° angle to focus light exactly where you need it. Star Power’s TM oval shape provides protection against rolling and comprises ABS housing and a high-impact resistant lens to protect it from breakage. The Star Power Illuminator is shock proof, water resistant and ideal for use for search, rescue and disaster management. Available in a choice of red, blue and black colors, the flashlight is easy to carry.

Available Option

  • EMI-882 Star Power - Red
  • EMI-884 Star Power - Blue
  • EMI-886 Star Power - Black
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