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ASP Indentifier Chain Handcuffs

ASP Indentifier Chain Handcuffs
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ASP Identifier Multi Color Handcuffs in Hinge or Chain can readily distinguish the restraints of specific agencies or divisions. They may be used to designate the security threat or medical condition of a subject. They add the final level of safety to the most secure series of handcuffs on the market.

Identifier Handcuffs are available in Chain or Hinge configurations. They add permanent color options to this world class design. Identifier colors will not crack, chip or fade. They are a structural component of the handcuff frame and will last the life of the cuff.

These Handcuffs feature the Tactical 1 Pawl Locking mechanism. For Specifications see ASP Chain Handcuffs or the ASP Hinge Handcuffs.

The Law Enforcement Series includes blue, brown and gray cuffs. The Corrections Series is offered in high visibility yellow, orange and pink. Custom colors are available with a minimum purchase of 1,000 handcuffs.

The Following Colors are available in Steel Chain:
  • 56104 - Blue Identifier Chain Handcuff
  • 56105 - Brown Identifier Chain Handcuff
  • 56107 - Gray Identifier Chain Handcuff
  • 56102 - Yellow Identifier Chain Handcuff
  • 56106 - Orange Identifier Chain Handcuff
  • 56180 - Pink Identifier Chain Handcuff

The Following Colors are available in Steel Hinged:
  • 56114 - Blue Identifier Hinged Handcuff
  • 56115 - Brown Identifier Hinged Handcuff
  • 56117 - Gray Identifier Hinged Handcuff
  • 56112 - Yellow Identifier Hinged Handcuff
  • 56116 - Orange Identifier Hinged Handcuff
  • 56181 - Pink Identifier Hinged Handcuff

Additional Numbers and Skus
ASP-56104, ASP56104, 56104, ASP-56105, ASP56105, 56105, ASP-56107, ASP56107, 56107, ASP-56102, ASP56102, 56102, ASP-56106, ASP56106, 56106, ASP-56180, ASP56180, 56180, ASP-56114, ASP56114, 56114, ASP-56115, ASP56115, 56115, ASP-56117, ASP56117, 56117, ASP-56112, ASP56112, 56112, ASP-56116, ASP56116, 56116, ASP-56181, ASP56181, 56181

Accessory Items

ASP Restraint Maintenance Kit

Restraint Maintenance Kit for ASP Handcuffs

ASP restraints may be rapidly serviced or repaired with a Maintenance Kit. Lock Sets may be replaced.

  • Laminated Instructions
  • Spare Pentagon Keys
  • Lock Set Tool
  • Replacement Lock Sets
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