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Agency Purchase Orders

Using a Purchase Order:

We make it easy for agencies and institutions such as Federal, State, Local Government, Municipalities, Hospitals, Banks, Police, Fire, Rescue, Schools, Colleges, Universities and more to use a PO method for purchasing. We offer open Net 30 Terms with qualified US government based agencies and institutions which can be paid with check, bank transfer or credit card.

Purchase Order Must Include:

  • Contact Names, Phone Numbers, Email addresses

  • Ship To Name and Address

  • Bill To Name and Address

  • Payment Method - Net 30

  • Quantities of Items

  • Part Number, Detailed Description of items, including sizes, color, etc.

Send Your PO:

  • Fax: 315-626-6606

  • Mail: Alternate Force, PO Box 296, Cato, NY 13033

  • Email:

Government Purchase Information:

  • SAM (CCR) Cage Code: 1XJU1

  • Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) Number: 032338167

  • Tax ID / FEIN Number: 16-1496722    
    Print a copy of our File W9

  • Taxes: No Sales Tax is collected for any state except for NY.

  • Business Certified: SBA - Small, WBE, MBE (Certified NY)

  • Phone: 315-626-6614    Fax: 315-626-6606

  • Legal Contact: Clawa Enterprises Inc. Dba Alternate Force, 1782 State Rt. 370, PO Box 296, Cato NY 13033

If you can't find what you are looking for or need assistance, please Email your request to our Customer Service: