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Ground and Underwater Metal Detectors

Ground and Underwater Metal Detectors

Ground and Underwater Metal Detectors, Law enforcement and security agencies around the world rely on Garrett ground search detectors to help them recover stolen property, concealed weapons, and crime scene evidence, such as revolvers, knives, ammunition and vehicles. Whether you're looking for a shell casing in the grass, a murder weapon in a lake or a knife buried in a prison yard, you can count on Garrett to help you find it.

Garrett's Investigator Ace 100, Investigator G-500, Investigator CX Plus and Sea Hunter Mark II are commonly used by law enforcement and security professionals to: Detect buried weapons, Investigate crime scenes, Recover stolen property, Retrieve hidden weapons & Discover contraband. Alternate Force carries a wide variety of equipment and gear supporting the success of your mission.

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Garret Investigator Ace 150
Regular price: $179.95
Sale price: $150.95
Garrett CSI Pro Recovery Kit
Regular price: $979.00
Sale price: $750.00
Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II
Regular price: $749.95
Sale price: $579.00
Garrett CSI 250 Ground Metal Detector 1140070
Regular price: $279.95
Sale price: $225.95
Fisher Labs Forensic / Crime Scene Investigator's Evidence Finder Metal Detector
Regular price: $405.00
Sale price: $395.00
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