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Buttstock Holders and Pouches

Buttstock Holders and Pouches

The Buttstock Holders and Pouches feature simple and compact design to easily fit most of the shotgun. Their lightweight and durable construction offer ultimate comfort to carry guns and enhances performance in extreme conditions. These holders and pouches are well-tested under practical conditions to assure outstanding performance.

The Buttstock Holders and Pouches are a host to zippered pocket to superbly store small essentials like clips or hearing protection. The shells of the pouch come protected by elastic and secured by cover flap and loop closure. To keep ammo in place and organized, holders have sewn-on elastic loops. They have dual holding points for ultimate security. Stay organized all the time with these buttstock holders and pouches. They are thoughtfully designed to fulfill the demands of military and law enforcement professionals.

Blackhawk Buttstock Shotgun Shell Pouch, 52BS02BK
Regular price: $27.95
Sale price: $23.75
Blackhawk Buttstock M4 Collapsible Magazine Pouch, 52BS17
Regular price: $25.95
Sale price: $24.95

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