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Propper Women's Trousers Pants and Shorts

Propper Women's Trousers Pants and Shorts
Designed for women, the Propper Women’s line of tactical Pants, trousers and shorts are manufactured especially for fit and size of today's active professionals. Using a variety of fabric blends and manufacturing techniques is what makes this Propper line of products for women feel "best in class" because they have a variety to fit the comfort needs in any working environment. All weather products to keep you dry, cool, warm and comfortable so that you can stay focused and protected. If you have any questions or require help in choosing a product please Contact Us anytime.

Propper Critical Response EMS Women's Pant, 65 / 35  Ripstop,  F5286-50
Regular price: $55.00
Sale price: $50.00
Propper F5293-50 Women's Lightweight Ripstop Station Pant
Regular price: $45.00
Sale price: $35.00
Propper Kinetic Women's Pant F5259
Regular price: $59.90
Sale price: $58.90

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