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Shoe & Tire Prints

Shoe & Tire Prints

Inkless Shoe and Tire Track Print Kits provides a clean, easy method for obtaining positive impressions from all types of footwear and tire treads. Using patented ID Print technology using chemically-sensitized sheets designed for obtaining accurate impressions for comparison to suspect prints collected at the crime scene. TreadPrint is the fastest and easiest way to obtain exemplars of tire tracks. Alternate Force carries a wide variety of equipment and gear supporting the success of your mission.

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Inkless Foot/Shoe Print Kit, EZID
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $160.00
Preprinted Inkless Shoe Impression Cards, 5.5" x 16.5", 200 per pack
Regular price: $128.50
Sale price: $112.00
Lightning Shoe/Tire Impression Training Supply Kit
Regular price: $1,900.00
Sale price: $1,800.00

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