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Responders - SAR Medical Response Packs

Responders - SAR Med Packs
Be prepared to respond with critical equipment needed for Search and Rescue. Our response packs carry necessary tools and medical elements for a successful mission. Wearable pouches and holsters make it easy to transport materials need to respond to emergency medical situations. Portable stretchers and other supplies as portable shovels picks, knives, lights and more. Get teh tools and supplies you need at Alternate Force. If there is something special you require as a specialized Kit please Contact Us and we will be happy to help.

Search & Rescue Basic First Response Kit
Sale Price Starts at:  $107.35
Search & Rescue First Responder Holster Set
Sale Price Starts at:  $66.90
EMI Search & Rescue Flexible Stretcher
Search & Rescue Responders  Pack Complete
Sale Price Starts at:  $365.00
Responders Search & Rescue Med Kit
Sale Price Starts at:  $210.00

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