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MMC - Leading Edge Drug Identification of the Latest Narcotics (For Official Use Only)

MMC Narcotic Test Kits

MMC Presumptive Narcotic Identification screening Test Kits

Narcotics and Precursors Tests are developed in close cooperation with Police and Customs authorities. MMC is certified by Veritas and awarded with the EN ISO 9001-2000 Certificate. The tests are produced in accordance with the requirements set by Police Forces, Customs and Forensic Laboratories. The ampoule tests are filled with special treated solid materials which are impregnated with very high quality reagents and a blanket of high purity nitrogen and hermitically sealed. Each batch is continuously tested and registered. All products are stamped with a batch number. Police, Customs, Prisons and Law Enforcement Authorities.

Approved for use by: Law Enforcement agencies, Customs Authorities, Corrections and Forensic Laboratories. The MMC Narcotic Test Kits were evaluated by the NFSTC (National Forensic Science Technology Center) located in Florida (USA) Award No.: 2008-MU-MU-K003. (NIJ Compliant). M.M.C. International B.V. is awarded with EN-ISO9001-2000


MMC provides free Online Certification for Public Safety Professionals. You can become certified in the use of the MMC Presumptive Testing Kits, Cocaine Trace Wipes, and Cocaine ID Spray. After successful completion of the online exam, a Certificate of Completion for temporary use will be e-mailed to your attention from MMC and a hard copy suitable for framing or for use in court will be mailed to you afterwards. Alternate Force carries a wide variety of equipment and gear supporting the success of your mission. Please Contact Us for assistance, quotations or with any questions about your mission needs.

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