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Spots, Floods & Lanterns

Spots, Floods & Lanterns
Led and Halogen style Spotlights, Lanterns and Floodlight for professional duty. Generator and battery powered lighting systems provide light when and were you need it. Please Contact Us with your needs as we carry brands from Streamlight, Pelican, BlackHawk, Optronics and Sheir to name a few. All of these lighting systems are quality designed and manufactured for professional use in harsh environments. Please count on Alternate Force to assist you wit supplying your lighting needs.

Pelican™ 9460M Remote Area Lighting System (RALS)
Regular price: $2,416.50
Sale price: $2,200.00
Streamlight HID LiteBox® Rechargeable Lantern
Regular price: $884.77
Sale price: $499.50
Portable Scene Light - 120V AC/12V DC -  5,300 Lumens
Regular price: $1,199.00
Sale price: $679.50
Waypoint Rechargeable Lantern
Regular price: $204.00
Sale price: $122.90
Streamlight LED Portable Scene Light II
Regular price: $1,035.00
Sale price: $670.00
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