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Steiner Binoculars

Steiner Binoculars

Designed for comfort and Built for abuse.

Battle-proven Steiner lenses and prisms are built into unbreakable, rubber-armored Makrolon® polycarbonate binocular housings, and seamless, high-strength alloy tubes. Then purged, sealed and shielded to be fog-proof, waterproof, impact resistant and immune to extremes of every kind. Now, and for lifetimes to come. Binoculars rest comfortably in the palms, with rubberized housings and hand-friendly ridges, curves and pads for intuitive use. Every detail is ergonomically perfect. Because the world never is.

World-class, combat proven coatings

All air-to-glass surfaces of Steiner binoculars are multi-coated with proprietary, cutting-edge formulations of minerals and rare earth compounds that maximize cl arity, color and definition. As the only brand that has developed optics specifically for military service, Steiner is committed to giving you every possible edge.

Built for anything. Anywhere. Anytime

Steiner mil-spec binoculars are designed for true battlefield conditions. Rugged lens construction ensures stability even under severe shock and vibration. Unbreakable Makrolon® binocular housings withstand oils, solvents, heat, cold, sun and saltwater. One-piece nitrogen pressurized 34mm tubes are shockproof to 900 Gs. All optics are fog-proof and waterproof, sealed against dust, dirt and moisture. all are immersion waterproof, some to depths of 33 feet. Designed with Special Forces and expert weaponry input, built to strict milspec demands, Steiner optics exceed the need.

More light, better image

The more light through the lenses, the sharper the image – critically important in low-light military situations. Steiner’s advanced optics dramatically enhance light transmission, for exceptional clarity in the mo st challenging conditions. 100% in-house optical capability ensures absolutely consistent, premium lenses and prisms, with world-leading coatings for bright, high-contrast binocular.

Fog proof, waterproof N2 injection™ System

Steiner’s proprietary N2 Injection™ System pressurizes optics with nitrogen and trace helium. If seals are not absolutely tight, hyperbaric testing reveals escaped helium molecules, the optics are disassembled, and the process is repeated. Fail-safe testing with medical-grade tools ensures absolute quality, positive internal pressure, and zero fogging and water intrusion despite drastic changes, severe conditions, and lifetimes of use.

Advanced laser protection

Steiner was the first to offer binoculars with laser protection filters. Since our initial research and development, we have gained industry-leading experience and knowledge in this technology, which benefits all mili - tary customers. All our military binoculars can be supplied with las er filter protection, either standard filter (OD 4 / 1064 nm ) or one meeting the specific user requirements.

All temperature performance

Steiner Military binoculars are temperature hardened, impact armored and combat ready for any theater in the world. Built for operating conditions from -40° to +176° F., they will deliver consistently sharp, clear, fog-free images, from arctic snowfields to desert heat, jungle valleys to mountain peaks. No matter where your duty sends you, no binocular will serve you better.

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