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LE Student Training Packages

LE Student Training Packages
Outfitting students officers of Law Enforcement and Security is our specialty. Its our duty to enhance the students experience and training level with the right equipment. We have worked with several universities to get them the equipment needed at a value price. Our student packages can be configured to meet your training program requirements. Please contact us if you need more information or if you need us to provide a quote.

RedMan XP 4X4 Training Package
Regular price: $9,098.00
Sale price: $7,355.00
ASP Bags, Batons & Handcuffs Training Package 12-Pack
Sale Price Starts at:  $4,180.00
LE Student Training Outfit Package
Regular price: $9,095.50
Sale price: $7,578.20
RedMan WDS Defense Suit 4X4
Regular price: $11,030.00
Sale price: $8,770.00
High Gear 4X4 Customized Training Package
Sale Price Starts at:  $11,977.00

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