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Bullet Containment / Clearing Stations

Bullet Clearing Stations
Bullet Containment, Clearing Stations and clearing Boxes are the ideal multi-purpose clearing box in any situation where firearms need to be safely loaded or unloaded. They are so safe they may be safely used for other tasks such as for ballistic pattern testing or the test firing of weapons by Gunsmiths and Armorers. Clearing Boxes and stations safely contain all deliberate, accidental and/or negligent discharges, and reduce liabilities associated with conventional clearing stations. These clearing stations absorb and eliminate harmful ricochet projectiles or lead splatter.

Professional Heavy Duty Bullet Clearing Station CB150
Regular price: $1,495.00
Sale price: $1,389.90
Lightning Powder Evidence Bullet Collection Chamber For Pistol and Rifle Rounds
Regular price: $5,500.00
Sale price: $5,000.00

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