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Lightning Powder Evidence Bullet Collection Chamber For Pistol and Rifle Rounds

Lightning Powder Evidence Bullet Collection Chamber For Pistol and Rifle Rounds
Item# LP-4-2000
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The Lightning Powder Evidence Bullet Collection Chamber 4-200 was created for use in forensic laboratories, at firing ranges or in the field. The Bullet Catcher provides the firearms examiner a nondestructive,in-laboratory projectile capturing system. The user fires a bullet into the front of the Bullet Catcher. The bullet is then captured undamaged so that testing, examinations and comparisons can be made. The Bullet Catcher, constructed of rolled steel and a Level III backing plate can be used to recover bullets from all pistols and rifles with a maximum bullet velocity of 1100 meters per second (3300 fps).

Due to customer feedback, the front grill of the Bullet Chamber is now removable which allows an investigator to insert ballistics gel into the front of the unit. The support legs have been strengthened and welded directly onto the Bullet Catcher, making it more sturdy and durable. The Bullet Catcher is segmented into three compartments to simplify searching. The doors are equipped with rubber clasps that hook around a welded steel hook to prevent their spontaneous opening when a weapon is being fired.

The bullet chamber is filled with non-flammable Kevlar fibers. The useful life of the fibers is approximately 10,000 shots. The bullet is trapped undamaged in these fibers. After some experience, the examiner will have an idea where to quickly locate the projectile. For example, .22, .32 and .38 caliber bullets are usually found in the first 10” of fiber. High power rifles, such as .30-06 and 7.62 NATO, will be under the third door.


  • Dimensions: 1350 x 500 x 300 mm (53" x 20" x 12")
  • Weight: Approximately 50 kg (110 pounds)

Replacement Kevlar Fibers for Bullet Collection Chamber also available

LP-4-2000, LP 4-2000, LP-42000, 4-2000, 42000

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