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Injection, Venipuncture and Intraosseous

Injection, Venipuncture and Intraosseous
Injections and Venipuncture Skills Training Equipment : Training skills for administering Injections to a patient requires educations a skills practice. Venipuncture or Phlebotomy is the skill or art of extracting or drawing blood from the veins of the body of a patient so that it may be tested by a laboratory. Venipuncture and Intraosseousis a very dedicated and specialized field that you can only learn and study it after doing lots of practice and observations which can only be attained by acquiring a formal training, exposure to clinical fields and scenarios, and of course through medical practice. Alternate Force provides the training equipment to improve proficiency in administering these practices. Please Contact Us for a quotation for your agency or if we may assist your with your venipuncture and injection training needs.

Simulaids 442 I/O (Intraosseous) Leg with Stand
Life/formŽ Adult Intraosseous Infusion Simulator
Life/formŽ Articulating Legs with Intraosseous Infusion
Life/formŽ Canine IV Leg
Class Room Pack 25- Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arms
Simulaids Deluxe IV Training ARM with Hand
Simulaids IV Training Arm
Simulaids IV Lower Arm and Hand for Simulaids Trainers
Sale Price Starts at:  $367.95
Life/form Ž Injectable Training Arm
GERi™/KERI™ Manikin IV Arm
Life/formŽ Adult Venipuncture and Injection Training Arm - Light
Life/form Adult Injectable Training Arm Simulator Dark
Life/formŽ Advanced IV Hand
Life/form IV Arm/Hand Portable Medium Trainer
Sale Price Starts at:  $278.95
Life/formŽ Advanced IV Hand Replacement Veins
Life/formŽ Portable IV Hand Trainer
Life/formŽ Portable IV Arm Trainer
Life/formŽ Portable IV Arm and Hand Trainers
Simulaids147R  IV Training Hand
Simulaids 081 IV Arm/Hand with Injection Site (Arm Only)
Simulaids 610 Geriatric IV Training Arm Kit
Life/formŽ IV Arm and Leg
Sale Price Starts at:  $464.95
Life/form Injectable Training Arm
Life/formŽ Venipuncture and Injection Demonstration Arm
GERi/KERi IV Skin & Vein Replacement Kit
Simulaids 6884 Hypodermic Needle Injection Trainer
Simuliads 201 FAST1 Trainer
Life/form Venatech IV Trainer
Life/formŽ Pediatric Caudal Injection Simulator
Life/formŽ Venatech IV Trainer 5-Pack
Life/formŽ Adult Sternal Intraosseous Infusion Simulator
Vein Replacement Kit
Replacement Blood
Winged Infusion Set Pkg. of 12
Life/form Injectable Training Arm: Replacement Skin and Vein Kit
Life/form Arterial Blood - 1 Quart
Life/form Intradermal Injection Simulator
Life/formŽ Venatech IM & SubQ Simulator - Black
Skin and Vein Replacement for Venatech IM & SubQ Simulator
Life/formŽ Intramuscular Injection Simulator
Life/form Advanced Venipuncture and Injection Arm
Sale Price Starts at:  $866.95
Life/form Advanced Venipuncture /Injection Arm: Skin and Vein Replacement Kit
Life/form Advanced Injection Arm: Vein Replacement Kit
Life/form 500 ml Fluid Supply Bag
Multi Purpose Vyna-Bond Adhesive 6- Pack - Clearance
Injection Pad Replacement
Replacement Vein Manifold
Venipuncture and Injection Training Arm: Skin and Vein Replacement Kit - Black
Life/form Adult Injectable Training Arm Vein Replacement
Life/form Advanced IV Hand Replacement Skin and Veins - White
Life/formŽ Pediatric Arm Vein Replacement Only
Replacement Skin and Vein Kit
Life/formŽ Simulated Blood Mixture
Simulaids IV Training Arm and Hand Combo Pack
Simulaids 615 Reservoir Bag Geriatric Arm
Simulaids 612 Arm Vein  Replacement Geriatric Arm

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