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Kong Winches

Kong Winches

The Kong Winches are designed to work in conjunction to form a secure and easy-to-use lifting system. They are widely used in work activities like rope access, confined spaces, scaffolding, trestels, roof and inclined planes, and rescue activities like fire brigade, civil protection, and mountain rescue. The winch is attached to the pole or the tripod and a high-strength rope is passed through it that is then attached to the person or object to be lifted.

The Kong Winches, are CE certified and conform to health, safety, and environmental protection standards. These devices are generally made of aluminum alloy or steel and are also available for specific uses such as mountain rescue and civil use.

Kong Ortles Winch
Regular price: $4,727.65
Sale price: $4,349.45
Kong Ortles Stands
Regular price: $954.50
Sale price: $878.15

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