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Bomb Protection & EOD Equipment

 Bomb Protection & EOD  Equipment

Our EOD Equipment is devised for the total protection of bomb experts and specialists who risk their lives for the protection of civilians. The gear items included in this category are made with precision and quality. Everything from bomb suit to EOD shield is made from highly durable material that can withstand the rigors of combat and war. Whether you are a rookie or a longtime veteran, you can stay protected at all times with the reliable performance of this EOD equipment.

The United Shield EOD Equipment is made by experienced experts after a longtime research. It has been constructed after considering all the requirements of the military men in mind. All the products are made using the latest technology so you get the maximum protection, convenience in portability and ultimate comfort.

United Shield EOD Equipment Includes: Compete Suits, Helmets, Jackets, Trousers, Groin Protectors, Bomb Blankets and Safety Circles

USI Guardian Olympia Bomb Suit
Regular price: $47,000.00
Sale price: $35,160.00
United Shield Silesia Advanced Search Suit
Regular price: $10,000.00
Sale price: $7,695.00
USI Mine Clearance Suit
Regular price: $9,600.00
Sale price: $7,200.00
USI EOD CBRN Compatible Helmet
USI Security Circle
Regular price: $1,961.11
Sale price: $1,230.00
USI Bomb Suppression Blanket
Sale Price Starts at:  $1,750.00
USI Ballistic Blanket Level IIIA
Sale Price Starts at:  $2,450.00

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