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Medical & Patient Care Manikins

Medical & Patient Care Manikins
Build your skills and competencies with our line of patient care, medical and nursing skills manikins. Learn and practice assessment skills, pediatric and infant nursing care, patient care, nursing procedures with hands on demonstration using simulators. Simulators offer a realistic, but safe, learning environment for students, faculty and hospital training. Practice and be evaluated on a variety of skills in the lab, including assessment and psychomotor skills. We offer a variety of low and mid-fidelity adult, pediatric and infant manikins to practice and demonstrate typical nursing procedures. Mid-fidelity manikins are equipped with lung, heart and bowel sounds, and the ability to verbalize responses and demonstrate variations in vital signs. In addition, as part of the learning experience, students can use a variety of skills trainers, such as IV arms, wound care manikins and central line demonstrators.

Ruth Lee Patient Handling Manikin
Regular price: $885.00
Sale price: $860.00
Simulaids Patient Care Manikin
Sale Price Starts at:  $815.00
Simulaids STAT Adult ALS Manikin
Simulaids 310 STAT Simulator with Deluxe Airway Management Head
Simulaids 088FB WMD/CBRNE/DECON Full-Body Trainer
Simulaids 330 WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) STAT Simulator
Simulaids Full Body CPR/Trauma Training Manikin
Sale Price Starts at:  $1,083.30
Clinical Chloe Advanced Patient Care Simulator with Ostomy
Geri Nursing Skills Manikins
Sale Price Starts at:  $1,377.00
Simulaids PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support) Trainer - Torso or Full Body
Simulaids 350 STAT Baby Patient Simulator
Simulaids Transport Rescue Head White
Simulaids 1500 Bariatric Rescue Suit
Simulaids 031 Traction Splint Trainer
Simulaids 1800 Tension Pneumothorax Simulator with Carry Bag
Life/form® Advanced KERi™ Manikin
Basic & Advanced  KERi™ Manikin
Life/form® KERi Complete Nursing Skills Manikin
Life/form® Child CRiSis™ Starter Torso
Life/form Defibrillation Chest Skin
Complete CRiSis Update Package for Resusci® Anne™ Manikins
Defibrillation Pad & Patient Adapter Package Zoll Training Cables with Adapters
Defibrillation Pad & Patient Adapter Package
Life/form® CRiSis™ Torso Manikin
Life/form® Deluxe Child CRiSis™ Manikin
Life/form® Basic Child CRiSis™ Manikin
Life/form® Full Body “Airway Larry”
Life/form® Full Body Airway Larry with Light Controller
Life/form® Complete CRiSis™ Manikin with Advanced Airway Management
Life/form® Deluxe PLUS CRiSis™ ACLS Manikin
Hard Carrying Case for Torso Manikin and Simulators
Simulaids 8551 NG (Nasogastric) Tube Insertion Trainer
Simulaids 083 CPR Head
Simulaids 2808 Stoma Brad
Simulaids 303 Replacement Teeth Set of 3
Simulaids 442 I/O (Intraosseous) Leg on Stand
Life/form® Adult Intraosseous Infusion Simulator
Life/form® Articulating Legs with Intraosseous Infusion
Life/form® Pediatric Arm
Life/form® Deluxe Child CRiSis Manikin with Advanced Airway Management
Life/form® Deluxe “Plus” CRiSis Manikin w ECG, CPR Monitor & Advanced Airway
Life/form® Complete Child CRiSis Manikin with Advanced Airway Management
Life/form® Deluxe CRiSis Manikin ECG Simulator and Advanced Airway Mngmt
Life/form® Deluxe CRiSis™ Manikin
Life/form® CPARLENE Full Manikin with Light Controller
Life/form® Complete Adult CRiSis Manikin
Simulaids Newborn Stat Patient Simulator
STAT Baby Advanced
Life/form Basic, Complete or Advanced Lucy Maternal & Neonatal Birthing Simulators
Sale Price Starts at:  $3,250.00
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