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Evidence Bags & Paper

Evidence Bags & Paper

Evidence Bags include products such as Nylon Arson Evidence Bags, Paper Evidence Bags and Tapes and others offer a variety of options for your varying needs. Alternate Force carries a wide variety of equipment and gear supporting the success of your mission.

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Evidence Collection Training Supply Kit
Regular price: $780.00
Sale price: $756.00
Kraft Paper Roll
Sale Price Starts at:  $145.00
Polybag Evidence Tube Sealer
Sale Price Starts at:  $395.00
Poly-Coated Barrier Paper (36 x 250)
Lightning Powder Nylon Arson Evidense Bags
Regular price: $55.00
Sale price: $45.00
Nylon Arson Evidence Bags
Printed Paper Evidence Bags
Sale Price Starts at:  $40.00
Currency/Coin Security Bags
Regular price: $54.00
Sale price: $47.00
Check Sleeves Bags–4 x 9 (Pack of 100)
Regular price: $29.00
Sale price: $26.50
Zip-Top Evidence Bags, Write-On Area, 4 mill,  Pack of 100
Sale Price Starts at:  $24.00
Evidence Packaging Kit
Secure Seal™ Tamper-Indicating Bags, Pack of 100
Regular price: $94.00
Sale price: $84.00
Evidence Security Bags, 100 Pak
Sale Price Starts at:  $105.00
KeepSafe breathable evidence bag
Sale Price Starts at:  $520.00
Inmate Property Security Bags
Regular price: $45.00
Sale price: $40.00
Faraday Disposable Bags
Sale Price Starts at:  $85.00
Disposable Hazardous Materials Bag 26"x36", 100 Pak
XL Evidence Paper Bags 18x34, Pack of 50
Sale Price Starts at:  $186.00
Breathable Evidence Bags
Regular price: $360.00
Sale price: $330.00
4 Mil Poly Evidence Bags  20" X30" 100 Pack
Anti-Static Bubble Bag
Sale Price Starts at:  $61.25
Specimen Bag with Absorbing Sheet
Sale Price Starts at:  $56.00
XL Paper Evidence Bags 16 x 35
Windowed White Evidence Envelopes
Gusseted Evidence Security Kraft Envelopes 100 Pack
Sale Price Starts at:  $84.00
Impulse Bag Sealer 12"
Evidence Bag Heat Sealer  8" or 20"
Sale Price Starts at:  $95.00
12" Medium Evidence Bag Heat Sealer

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