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Perfect Ink Fingerprinting

Perfect Ink Fingerprinting
Perfect Print Ink Fingerprinting. Identicator pads can be used on any plain paper. Featuring our unique Perfect Print ink, the slight residue left on the hands is easily removed by simply rubbing them together or wiping them with a towel or cloth. No ink-removing cleaners are needed. Each unit utilizes a special hard ceramic inking surface which prevents over-inking of the fingers.

Perfect Print pads are useful in any situation where a sharp, black fingerprint is required. They do not require specially treated paper and will work on most papers. Clean-up is easy. Simply rub the fingers together to remove the slight residue or wipe clean with a towel or cloth. The special hard ceramic inking surface essentially eliminates over-inking of the fingers.

PI39, PI30, PI21, PI23, PI5, PI10

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