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Anatomical Medical Training Models

Anatomical Medical Training  Models

Anatomical replicas and medical training simulators and models such as skeletons, Muscle, leg, arm, torsos, craniums, joints, skulls, teeth, heart, eyes and so many more are accurate and provide lifelike realism. Products are quality manufactures from Life/Form, Simulaids, Laedral and others. Using a variety of anatomical models in your training program will enhance the students experience. Alternate Force provides a variety of training equipment for the public safety professional. Please Contact Us if you have any questions or is we may provide with you with a quotation.

Human Muscular Skeleton
Human Skeleton with Stand
Mini Torso 12-Part
3X Larger - Giant Heart 3-Part
Sexless Torso 20 Parts
Life-Size Arm Muscle, 7-Parts
Life-Size Leg Muscle, 13-Parts
Dual Sex Torso, 16-Parts
Arteries, Nerves, and Veins of the Head, Set of 3
Head and Neck Musculature Model
Shoulder Joint Model
Human Skulls 3-Part - Unnumbered
Hanging Skeleton
Human Skulls (3-Part) - Numbered
Flexible Vertebrae with Color-Coded Regions
Disarticulated Skeleton
Human Heart Model, 2 Part
Human Blood Cells Model
Life-Size Stomach Model, 2-Part
Human Respiratory System Model, 7-Part
Kidney Section with Renal Nephron and Renal Corpuscle Model Set
Brain with Arteries Model, 2-Part
Regional Brain, 2-Part
Brain with Arteries Model, 9-Part
Fetal Development Model
Female Pelvis Model, 3-Part
Male Pelvis Model, 4-Part
Female Pelvis with 8-Week Embryo Model, 3 Part
Pregnancy Model Set
Eye with Orbit, 11 Part
Human Muscular Figure, 30-Part
Model of Segmented Bronchi
Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis Model
Colon Diseases Model
BioQuest® Inflatable Lungs Maintenance Kit
Tobacco: A Smashing Curriculum
BioQuest® Inflatable Lungs - Inflatable Swine Lungs
BioQuest® Inflatable Lung Kit
BioQuest® Inflatable Lungs - Simulated Smoker’s Lungs
BioQuest® Simulated Smoker’s Lungs Demonstration Kit
BioQuest® Inflatable Lungs Comparison Kit
BioQuest® Inflatable Lung Comparison Kit and Teacher Instructional Video
BioQuest® Preserved Miniature Lung in Bell Jar
BioQuest® Dual Lungs Comparison Kit
Life Size Half-Head Model
Life/Form® Digestive System Model
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