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The Gerber is a renowned brand of USA that provides a collection of smart tools. The tools are designed for various types of applications. Gerber is the first American company all over the world that provides folding multi-tools to the customers. These tools are compact in size and easy to carry, while on the go. The tools are made of finest quality metals for enhanced durability and performance.

The Gerber multi-tools are efficient and multipurpose. The functional design with the grip popping straight out of the handle is appreciated by most of the users. Using state-of-the-art technologies, the highly dedicated team of professionals at Gerber delivers a wide variety of multi-tools like Dime Micro Multi-Tool, D.E.T. Multi-Plier 600.

Gerber EZ Out Rescue Knife
D.E.T. Multi-Plier® 600
Regular price: $154.00
Sale price: $129.90
Gerber Deluxe Mine Probe Kit
Regular price: $416.00
Sale price: $255.00

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