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Megaphones & Bullhorns

Megaphones & Bullhorns
Public Address Megaphones / Bullhorns.

Powerful megaphones are in use all over the country by airlines, boaters, police and fire departments. Megaphones have become standard equipment for recreational supervisors and team sport coaches and are widely used in the movie and television industry. A variety of quality manufactured Megaphones are in use by the U.S. Armed Forces all over the world.

1000 Yard Range Megaphone, 25 Watts
Regular price: $190.00
Sale price: $163.50
800 Yard Range Voice Recording Megaphone
Regular price: $213.00
Sale price: $170.00
AmpliVox Mini-Meg 10-Watt Rechargeable Megaphone S600R
Sale Price Starts at:  $130.00
25 W 1 mi Mity-Meg Plus Rechargeable Megaphone
ProMarine Waterproof Megaphone
Regular price: $1,490.00
Sale price: $1,300.00
300 Yard Range Mini Megaphone, 8 Watts

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