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Automatic Knives - Military and Law Enforcement Sales Only

Benchmade - Automatic

For Military and Law Enforcement personel, we carry the whole line of BenchMade Automatic Knives.

To place an order please print these two forms Order Form and Auto Knife Form and mail us the completed forms to:
  • Alternate Force
  • PO Box 296
  • Cato, NY 13033
As requiered by law we must have the completed forms filled out and on file in our office before we will be able to fill any orders for these products.

Email us if you have any questions!

Benchmade Auto Triage Knife- LE and Military Only
Regular price: $310.00
Sale price: $263.50
Benchmade Auto Presidio II - LE and Military only
Regular price: $300.00
Sale price: $255.00

If you can't find what you are looking for or need assistance, please Email your request to our Customer Service: