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NIK Presumptive Drug Testing Kits (for Official Use Only)

NIK Test Kits
The NIK field presumptive test kits are part of narcotic, drug identification system that is designed to rapidly identify substances of being illegal or controlled substances. Users of the this system begin with a general test and through a series of tests can presumptively identify major drugs of abuse. The NIK Pouches contain one, two or three chemical ampoules in a heavy-duty plastic pouch. This eliminates the need for measuring, mixing and dispensing of reagents. Just place a small sample of the suspected drug in the pouch, break the ampoules and watch for the color change. A positive color indicator on the pouch will help to interpret the reaction.

An Example of how to use a NIK drug test kit against an Unknown or Suspect Material:

Each specifically-designed NIK Pouch contains the chemicals required to perform the presumptive test in pre-filled, hermetically sealed glass ampoules. These ampoules are held together by a plastic bar in heavy-duty plastic pouches in which the actual chemical reaction is done. This bar holds the ampoules in the proper order for performing the color test.

The sample size of the suspected drug should be the amount of powder held on the large end of a flat toothpick. The NIK Pouches come with a Loading Device designed to measure the exact amount needed for the testing procedure. Just place this small sample of the suspected drug in the pouch, break the ampoules. Once the ampoule is broken, do not continue to "mash" the pouch. This could cause a tear in the pouch from the broken glass. Agitate, wait and watch for the color change(s). A positive color indicator is printed on the pouch. To see the color properly, hold the pouch steady in front of a white piece of paper.

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