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Conditioning and Strength Equipment

Conditioning and Strength Equipment
It doesn't take lots of sophisticated equipment to keep you are your team in shape. The dedication of a large room to hold a variety of machines and equipment for the purpose of fitness may not be in every agencies budget. Many agencies are adopting strength and cardio programs that rely on basic equipment to keep their staff in shape. We carry and variety of equipment that will get you and keep keep you flexible, agile and improve your cardio condition so that you can better perform your work. Equipment such as Kettle Balls, Jump Ropes, Step Ladders, Hurdles, Weighted Lift Bags and a whole lot more. Alternate Force provides equipment to ensure the fitness of the men and women serving in the public safety sector. Please Contact Us for assistance in getting your facility equipped or deigned. We can also provide quotations or assist you if you have any questions.

Training Foam Flip Tire
Regular price: $600.00
Sale price: $500.00
Speed Jump Rope  (1 Dozen)
Regular price: $80.00
Sale price: $64.00
Century Agility Ladder Black/Red 15'X18" - Set of 3
Regular price: $117.60
Sale price: $115.95
Century Resistance Bands - Kit of 6
Regular price: $111.95
Sale price: $105.00
Century Weighted Fitness Bags  - Set of 2
Regular price: $299.00
Sale price: $250.00
Century Adjustable Hurdle Black/Red -5 Pack
Regular price: $150.00
Sale price: $135.00
Century Black Plyo Box Kit 3 Sizes
Regular price: $756.75
Sale price: $695.00
Century Strive Medicine Ball Set of 4
Regular price: $176.90
Sale price: $115.00

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