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Rescue Rafts and Boards

Rescue Rafts and Boards

Inflatable Rubber Rafts and Rescue Boards

IRBs or inflatable rubber rafts are made of rubber and consist of four inflatable tubes - two side tubes, a bow tube and a keelson tube. This specific feature coupled with the obvious fact that they are used in the water, has coined the term "rubber duck" or simply "duck" to describe an IRB. Typically the rubber is colored a shade of red termed 'Rescue Red'. They have a rigid floor piece and a rigid transom for fitting an outboard motor (usually 25 hp).

This motor is capable of providing a maximum drive speed of between 25-30 knots on flat water. 2-Stroke fuel is stored in a flexible fuel bladder and is secured by 4 clips to the floor in the bow. These vessels are designed for rapid deployment and access to the rescue scene.

Fast and stable Rescue Boards are designed primarily for surf rescue. The operator either knee paddles or lies in the prone position, with the patient taking the forward position. Rescue boards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials and are designed for stability and speed.

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