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Wound Simulation

Wound Simulation
Casualty Simulation Kits by Simulaids is used by professionals in a variety of training scenarios. A variety of kits are designed specifically for your training situation. Kits can also be used with Simulaids training manikins.

Please look carefully at the options available that may fit your needs.

Forensic wound simulation training EMT bleeding and non-bleeding response training kits

Life/formŽ Ultra Nursing Wound Simulation Kit
Life/formŽ Burn Simulation Kit
Life/form Basic Nursing Wound Simulation Kit
Life/formŽ Advanced nursing Wound Simulation Kit
Simulaids 870 WMD Casualty Simulation Kit
Simulaids Trauma Moulage Kit
Simulaids 819 Advanced Military Casualty Simulation Kit
Simulaids 816 Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit
Simulaids Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit
Simulaids 818 EMT Casualty Simulation Kit
Simulaids 815 Basic Casualty Simulation Kit
Simulaids 700 Forensic Science Wound Kit
Simulaids 710 Forensic Science Wound Package
Simulaids 665 PHTLS (Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support) Wound Moulage Kit
Simulaids 880 Moulage Movie DVD
Simulaids 620 Xtreme Trauma Wound Kit
Life/form Pressure Ulcer/Bedsore Models
Life/form Elderly Pressure Ulcer Foot
Simulaids 650 Nursing Care Moulage Kit with Carry Case
Simulaids 242 Moulage for Manikins Book
Indvividual Moulage PartsSimulaids Moulage Pump Assembly Simulator
Sale Price Starts at:  $24.50
Simulaids 223 Casualty Simulation Wax
Simulaids PP2159 Body Adhesive For Stick-On Wounds
Regular price: $27.65
Sale price: $23.90
Simulaids 228 Methyl Cellulose for Blood 6-Pack
Simulaids 225 Simulated Blood Powder Package 6-Pack
Simulaids 226 Coagulant Make-Up Blood 4 Oz Bottle
Simulaids Neonatal Wound Kit
Simulaids Xtreme 2 Trauma Moulage Kit
Simulaids Myelomeningocele Wound
Simulaids Trauma Flash Moulage Overlay Components or Kit
Sale Price Starts at:  $183.60
Trauma Randy Head Flash Moulage
Simulaids Multiple Casualty Simulation Kit
Simulaids Trauma Moulage Kit
Simulaids Basic Casualty Simulation Kit
Simulaids Xtreme Trauma Deluxe Moulage Kit
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