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Kong Rope Accessories

Kong Rope Accessories

The Kong Rope Accessories is a broad category of Kong products comprising ropes, bags, measurers, and cleaners. The Kong ropes are available in dynamic and static variants, both finding their use in a specific set of applications. The Kong rope accessories are a variety of equipment designed for specific use in the professional climbling / Rescue industry. Items such as rollers, rope edge protection, throw bags, carry bags and so much more are available from Kong. Please Contact Us if you need a quotation or assistance when choosing rope accessories.


Kong Rope Cutter
Regular price: $46.20
Sale price: $39.10
Kong Prothoc
Regular price: $32.85
Sale price: $30.20
Kong Rope ID
Sale Price Starts at:  $250.00
Kong Rollers
Regular price: $138.00
Sale price: $126.95
Kong Tergeste
Regular price: $295.20
Sale price: $271.60
Kong 350 Gram Weighted Throwing Bag
Regular price: $30.00
Sale price: $25.75

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