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Immersion Protective Clothing

Immersion Protective Clothing

Cold water safety Immersion Clothing

The length of time a person can survive in cold water primarily depends on both the water's temperature and the thermal insulation of the victim's protective clothing. Although models and charts can predict approximate survival times there are many variables that ultimately effect survivability.

The following factors will decrease survival times:

  • cold waters
  • turbulent waters (waves, water flushing)
  • active winds
  • body movement (spent heat energy from swimming or treading)
  • ack of thermal insulation or lean body composition
  • poor insulation over the core body (torso and other areas of significant thermal regulation)
  • irect contact with the water
  • physiological factors (low body fat, etc…)

Alternate Force provides comprhensive cold water immersion wear like pants, vests, jackets and suits. If you have a request or question that we may assist you, please Contact Us.

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