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Mustang Survival MIS210HR Water Immersion Neoprene Suit

Mustang Survival MIS210HR Water Immersion Neoprene Suit
Item# MS-MIS210HRX
Sale Price Starts at:  $399.50
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The Mustang Survival MIS210HR Water Immersion Neoprene Suit has been designed exclusively for the commercial as well as recreational purposes. Featuring the fire-resistant neoprene construction, it delays the occurrence of hypothermia while staying in waters for long hours. The face seal is water-tight, shutting the entry of water into the face of the user.

Featuring a lifting harness, the Mustang Survival Water Immersion Neoprene Suit allows the rescuer to lift the user to save life. This triple-sealed seam built suit comes with five-fingered gloves which have thermal insulation, providing warmth and comfort to the user.


  • Easy to don in stormy conditions
  • Five-fingered insulated gloves for warmth and dexterity
  • Water-tight face seal
  • Includes buddy line
  • Includes lifting harness
  • Ankle adjustments for a better fit
  • 5mm fire retardant neoprene provides flotation and hypothermia protection
  • Triple-sealed seam construction
  • Non-slip, durable soles
  • Recommend for: Industrial Marine, Sea, Sea Blue Water

    Approval: USCG - UL1197 - Immersion Suits 160.171 - UCCG/MED SOLAS 2010

    Available Color: Red

    Available Size: Child, Adult Small, Adult Universal, Adult Oversize

    Size Chart
    Model Number Size Height Height Weight Weight
    MIS210 CHILD Max. 59" 99cm - 150cm 44lbs - 110lbs 20kg - 50kg
    MIS220 ADULT SMALL Max. 68" Max. 173cm 110lbs - 200lbs 50kg - 90kg
    MIS230 ADULT UNIVERSAL Max. 75" Max. 191cm 110lbs - 330lbs 50kg - 150kg
    MIS240 ADULT OVERSIZE Max. 75" Max. 191cm 225lbs - 375lbs 100kg - 170kg

    Click Here to Download the Mustang Survival MIS210HR Water Immersion Neoprene Suit for Child User Manual

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