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Live Scan

Live Scan

Live Scan Overview

Live Scan fingerprinting refers to the technique and technology used for capturing high resolution forensic-quality ten-print fingerprints or palm prints into a data format that can be digitally distributed, stored or sent to fingerprint card printer. A typical live scan system installation consists of certified components such as a palm / print scanner, card printer, computer, network equipment, quality software, setup and training. In some states systems must be purchased from state authorized vendors. If the system is setup to communicate fingerprint data via a network, a certified - secure network must be maintained which could include a subscription service.

Why do you need Live Scan? High volume processing that is fast, accurate and error free. Transmitted results can be verified and returned to the source usually within 72 hours of transmission as opposed to the weeks it takes for the analog system. A quality system can cost between $15,000 to $25,000 depending on the options you require.

If your processing volume is low to moderate you may consider the LE10 Inkless analog alternative below. Alternate Force provides a variety of live scan accessories and consumable items. Please Contact Us for your Livescan support needs.

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