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Centurion Disturbance Control Suit

Centurion Disturbance Control Suit

Hatch Centurion Disturbance Control Riot Suit the Gear designed to provide protection for riot control, cell extractions and other situations where blunt force protection is crucial. Centurion by Hatch protective gear is of the highest quality in terms of materials, construction and durability. Hatch protective gear is designed for performance and meets or exceeds the needs of the professional.

Centurion components make up the basic Hatch Riot Control Suit; CPX2500 Upper Body Protection, TPX200 Thigh/Groin Protection, FP100 Forearm Protectors, GP300 Groin Protector, TS70 Shin Guards, KNP 100 Centurion™ Neck Protector with KEVLAR®, HUEX100 Hydration Reservoir and Carrier. Please order the components individually or contact us for a quotation on a Kit. Alternate Force provides a variety of fighting, sparring and grappling equipment and hand protection to ensure effective training for your successful mission. Please Contact Us for assistance, quotations or with any questions about your mission needs.

Centurion Chest/Shoulder Protection CPX2500
Regular price: $156.00
Sale price: $149.90
TPX200 Centurion Thigh/Groin Protection
Regular price: $99.90
Sale price: $87.00
Monadnock Centurion/Exotech Hard-Shell Shin Guards
Kevlar Neck Protector
Monadnock Forearm Protection
Centurion ID Panel
Regular price: $11.35
Sale price: $11.00
Damascus Imperial Hard Shell Elbow Pad
M2 Mission Bag
Regular price: $95.00
Sale price: $89.00

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