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Steiner Reflex Sights

Steiner Reflex Sights

The Steiner Reflex Sights are perfect for rapid-fire situations and engaging moving targets. They are an excellent tool for target acquisition needs. They feature unlimited eye relief that allows the operator to engage targets with both eyes open for greater situational awareness and wide peripheral vision. These hard-anodized Reflex Sights are almost indestructible and are ideal for patrol rifles, tactical operations etc.

The Steiner Reflex Sights can be used in any weather and light conditions. There is easy to find and quick to aim 3 MOA red dot that offers the privilege of using both hands for accurate shooting without obscuring targets at longer distances. Light in weight, these reflex sights are well-balanced and provide the shooter with confidence, quickness, and accuracy to control the outcome.

Steiner 8700 Micro Reflex Sight (MRS)
Regular price: $620.00
Sale price: $540.00

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