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Handcuff / Restraint Training

Handcuff / Restraint Training

Alternate Force provides an array of quality training devices that enhance the officers mission. Our selection of training handcuffs are critical for ensuring that you build speed and accuracy in the variable training environment. These training restraints can be used over and over again.

We carry several different training options for your restraint training needs. ASP Tri-Fold Flex Training restraints, Chain and Hinge style as well as a magnetic speed key that allows the officers to use their handcuffs for training exercises.

ASP Training Ultra Chain Cuffs - Buy 9 get 1 Free
Sale Price Starts at:  $67.15
Zac Training Handcuff Chain
Regular price: $53.68
Sale price: $47.90
ASP Chain Training Handcuffs - Buy 9 Get one Free
Sale Price Starts at:  $67.15
ASP Rigid Training  Ultra Cuffs
Regular price: $191.00
Sale price: $152.80
ASP Ultra Hinge Training Handcuffs
Regular price: $89.00
Sale price: $71.20
Peerless 750CR Standard RED Handcuff
Regular price: $42.80
Sale price: $37.00
Monadnock Double Cuff Disposable Restraint
Sale Price Starts at:  $40.00
Prisoner Security / Handcuff Manikin - Ruth Lee
Sale Price Starts at:  $1,260.00
Simulaids Handcuffing Police Training Rescue Randy
ASP Flexcuff Training Tri-Fold Restraints
Sale Price Starts at:  $22.95
ASP Training Safety Set
Regular price: $143.00
Sale price: $121.55

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