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The PROTECH Tactical brings to you a wide range of Portal Ladder that offers flexible tools for tactical teams. These ladders are designed for quick retrieval and rapid deployment that makes them convenient to use. They have a compact design and are easy to carry in a backpack. They provide a secure platform as they can be easily locked by consuming less time. Also, the ladder can be folded easily.

The ladder is made with hybrid fiber and molded plastic that adds strength and makes it durable. The collection includes Protech Tactical Portal Ladder, Webbibng Rescue Ladder, and Xtend and climbs Ladder that provides versatility. These ladders can be used in any weather condition and at any time of the day. These ladders have a sleek design with muted labeling that makes it less visible and is ideal to use during nighttime. Use of quality material makes these ladders flame-retardant, non-conductive and UV-resistant.

Xtend & Climb® Ladder CS155+/300
Regular price: $720.00
Sale price: $625.00
Webbing Rescue Ladder
Sale Price Starts at:  $68.00
Protech Tactical Portal Ladder
Sale Price Starts at:  $1,990.00
Rescue Tech FibreLight Emergency Ladder
Sale Price Starts at:  $1,325.00

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