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Peltor Push to Talk Adapters

Peltor Push to Talk Adapters

The Peltor Push to Talk Adapters have been designed for two-way communication. Used by the ComTac and SwatTac units, these adapters have been designed for both the left and right hand users. These push-to-talk adapters are designed very intelligently for the military and law enforcement personnel, which can be used in the military tactical situations. They act as the perfect solution for today’s warfighters.

The Peltor Push to Talk Adapters feature recessed buttons to reduce accidental activation and A/B Toggle Switch for Radio/ICS switching. They can easily fit in the radio interface push-to-talk perfectly. They are sturdy in construction and feature a clip on the backside that can be twisted 360 degrees. They are the most useful for the US government.

Peltor Push-To-Talk Military Radios Adapter
Regular price: $454.75
Sale price: $432.00
Peltor NATO Wired Push-To-Talk Adapter
Sale Price Starts at:  $303.05
Peltor Push-To-Talk Adapter with 6 Pin MIL-C-55116 Connector
Sale Price Starts at:  $402.40

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