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Inkless & Semi-Inkess Fingerprint Systems

Inkless & Semi-Inkess Fingerprint Systems

True Inkless fingerprinting can only be achieved with two part system like the Identicator series Digit 10, Inkless Roller palm printer and porta palm print as well as the identical print unit LE 15, the ID print card and the foot / shoe kit. Simple operation with accurate and clear results makes these inkless systems superior to the ink type kits.

An example of use is the finger is rolled on a chemically per-treated pad containing an ink less solution, then rolled on to the fingerprint card. The card is placed in the developer chamber and the developing process produces an instant, high contrast dark fingerprint that won't dull or fade with time. This process considerably lowers the rejection rate of cards.

Alternate Force Supplies all these systems along with the corresponding accessories and refill kits. If you have any questions regarding this equipment or need some help in choosing a system for you, please contact us anytime.

Some of our Inkless systems are Digit 10 LE10, Roller Palm LE21, Foot/Shoe Print Kit LE25, Porta Palm LE23, Identaprint LE15, Pad LE65 and all replacement kits.

Digit 10, LE10 Inkleess Fingerprint Accessories, Retabs, Stand LE30, LE110, LE10 Pad, Preprint, LE35, LE34, FD-258 Applicant Fingerprint Cards, Envelope, Booking Cards

Alternate Force LE-10 Inkless Fingerprinting System Kit
Regular price: $1,400.00
Sale price: $1,225.00
Identicator Digit 10 Inkless Fingerprinting LE10
Regular price: $1,150.00
Sale price: $1,095.00
Semi-Inkless Folding Leg  Fingerprinting Station
Tabletop Semi-Inkless Fingerprinting Station (Single or Double)
Sale Price Starts at:  $225.00
Semi-Inkless Pedestal Semi-Inkless Fingerprinting Station
Sale Price Starts at:  $390.00
Semi-Inkless Desktop Double Fingerprinting Station
Semi-Inkless Folding Desktop Fingerprinting Station
Identicator Retabs - The Better Way to prevent rejects LE42/500
Identicator PrePrint (100 coaters) LE43
Identicator IdentaPrint Replacement Kit, LE115
Regular price: $150.00
Sale price: $140.00
Identicator Inkless Pocket Fingerprint Elimination Kit, LE46
ID Print Pad LE65
Regular price: $70.00
Sale price: $67.90
Preprinted Inkless Shoe Impression Cards, 5.5" x 16.5", 200 per pack
Regular price: $128.50
Sale price: $112.00
Identicator LE110 Refill Kit for Digit 10 LE10 / LE15
Regular price: $150.00
Sale price: $140.00
Identicator LE 110 PAD-Only
Identicator Developer Sheets, Pack of 5
Identicator Digit 10 CD Rom Trainer, LE-35
Alternate Force Carrying Case for LE10 / PI39
Regular price: $225.00
Sale price: $205.00
Identicator Applicant Fingerprint Card for Digit 10, 250 pack
Lightning 100 Applicant Fingerprint Cards FD-258
Regular price: $50.00
Sale price: $36.00
Lightning Powder Envelope for Print Cards
Identicator Criminal Booking Cards, FD-249 (250 Cards)
Inkless Foot/Shoe Print Kit, EZID
Regular price: $185.00
Sale price: $160.00
Ceramic Stationary Fingerprinting Stations (Single or Double)
Sale Price Starts at:  $89.00

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