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Flexible / Disposable Restraints

Flexible / Disposable Restraints

Disposable Restraints have become a necessary integral component in todays peace keeping missions. Because they are small in size, lightweight, flexible and have incredible strength they are practical and used by security forces all over the world. Plastic restraints, known as wrist ties, riot cuffs, plasticuffs, flexicuffs, flex-cuffs, tri-fold cuffs, zapstraps, zipcuffs, or zip-strips, are lightweight, disposable plastic strips resembling electrical cable ties

Alternate Force carries a variety of Flex Cuff or Disposable Retraints that will suit your agencies needs. Models from ASP such as the ASP Trifold and Trifold Trainer, NIK, EZ-Cuff, the Doublecuff or the Double Loop Cuff.

In order to safely remove these style handcuff a cutter is required that will be safe to carry and safe to use on teh subject. After applying the restraint to the subject it will be necessary to remove the restraint. This is done safely using a specialized tool designed to minimize the potential injury to the subject. The restraint must be cut loose from the subject using a cutter. We have the Safety Cutter and the ASP Scarab Cutter and they both perform the job equally as well.The disposable restraint cannot be reused after it is removed.

We also carry a selection of Training Restraints that can help you develop and hone those skills necessary to carry out your mission. As always, If there is something that you need or any way we may assist you, Please Contact us anytime.

ASP Tri-Fold Restraint & Scarab Case with Scarab Cutter - Buy 9 Get 1 Free
Sale Price Starts at:  $36.40
Double Cuff Disposable Restraint
Sale Price Starts at:  $22.00
Spare-Cuff / Flex Cuffs Disposable Restraints (100 / 1000)
Sale Price Starts at:  $13.60
ASP Flexcuff Trifold Dipsosable Restraints
Sale Price Starts at:  $22.75
500D Double D Handcuff Ezcuff Disposable Restraints, 100 ea
Regular price: $250.00
Sale price: $180.00
200-S EZcuff  Flexible Disposable Restraints (1,000 ea)
Regular price: $920.00
Sale price: $590.00
300-DL Double Loop Disposable Restraint (100 ea)
Regular price: $180.00
Sale price: $130.50
400-S Disposible Flexible Restraint w Steel Locking (1,000 ea)
Regular price: $1,160.00
Sale price: $750.00
Compact Double Cuff (12 Packs of 3)
Regular price: $97.80
Sale price: $92.50
ASP GEN-1 Trifold Restraints Case - CLEARANCE
Regular price: $37.00
Sale price: $22.45
ASP Scarab Cutter for Flexible Restraints - Buy 9 Get 1 Free
Sale Price Starts at:  $25.45
Safety Cutter
Regular price: $13.00
Sale price: $12.75
Cuff Cutter for Disposable Restraints
ASP Restraints MOLLE Keeper 6 Pack
Regular price: $48.00
Sale price: $40.80
ASP Gen-1 Tri-Fold Clip Case
Regular price: $17.10
Sale price: $14.55
ASP Flexcuff Training Tri-Fold Restraints
Sale Price Starts at:  $22.75
Street Agent Action Pak - Concealed Baton / Flashlight / Restraints
Regular price: $239.95
Sale price: $159.95
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