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Double Cuff Disposable Restraint

Double Cuff Disposable Restraint
Item# MON-8220-X
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Double Cuff The Double Cuff disposable restraint features 2 individual cuffs rather than the standard single cuff. This gives an officer greater control during subject cuffing, as well as the ability to stabilize a suspect after one cuff is placed on that suspect's wrist/forearm or ankles.

Double Cuff can be used on both wrists and ankles inch (1.27 cm) wide plastic strip ensures it won't cut into subjects skin, and gives room to write (on white only) Tensile strength of over 350 pounds Compact size make it easy to carry.

Double Cuff color coding:

  • White Write down arrest information or other necessary data (5055-W, 5060-W, 8220)
  • Black - Tactical operations, (5055-B, 5060-B, 8220)
  • Red - Trainer does not lock (unlockable flex double cuff), 8220-3-35
  • LP-50XX-X, LP 50XX-X, LP50XX-X, 50XX-X, LP-50XX X, LP-50XXX, 50XXX

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