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Simulaids 610 Geriatric IV Training Arm Kit

Simulaids 610 Geriatric IV Training Arm Kit
Item# SIM-140-610U
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Simulaids 610 Geriatric IV Training Arm Kit

The Simulaids Geriatric IV Training Arm Kit contains a geriatric IV injection training arm, replacement skin, replacement arm veins , IV reservoir bags with tubing and simulated powder. The geriatric IV training arm offers special features if you are working with the adult population, mainly for phlebotomy and infusion of the aged. It can work as an realistic model before administration to the live patients. Developed from a live cast, the arm gives a realistic feel. It is highly suitable for training and teaching of all IV therapy phases, including infusion, titration, sterile technique, securing, care of the catheterized site, and phlebotomy. The specially developed skin material is exceptioanlly thin and gives a true-to-life learning experience to the students.


  • Trains students in IV needle insertion
  • Allows IM injection
  • Includes blood reservoirs and simulated blood

Click here to Download : Instruction Sheet

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