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High Gear 4X4 Customized Training Package

High Gear 4X4 Customized Training Package
Item# AF-HG4X4
Sale Price Starts at:  $11,977.00
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Check out our Customized 4X4 Training Package featuring the HIGH GEAR™ Tactical Training suit by Blauer Tactical Systems and Save Money. Our kit provides trainers, coaches and their students real-time training options and a chance to test, train and apply real tactics. HIGH GEAR™allows the role-player to effectively replicate true behavior like resistance, pre-contact cues and verbal aggression using a variety of tools supplied in our kit.

This complete training package is offered in two variants:

  • High Gear™ Standard Suit - HG-Standard Suit.
  • High Gear™ HG-MCR Suit designed for use with marking cartridges training systems.

    Set Includes:

  • 4 High Gear Suits sized in Medium, Large and X-Large
  • 4 High Gear Load Out Storage Bags
  • 4 ASP Training Striking Shields
  • 4 ASP M16 Training Guns (may sub for alternate ASP Long Guns equivalent )
  • 4 ASP Red Beretta Trainers - Beretta 92F (M9) (may sub for alternate ASP equivalent )
  • 4 ASP Red Training Knives
  • 4 Creed Training Gloves -Our Popular Wrist Wrap Trainers CM-146004 Sized in Medium, Large and X-Large

    HG4X4, AFHG4X4

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