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High Gear™ MCR Suit

High Gear™ MCR Suit
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High Gear™ MCR Suit. Lightweight Impact-Reduction Complete Training Suit especially designed for use with marking cartriges training systems.

COMPLETE HIGH GEAR™ SUIT MCR Marking Cartridge Ready
  • HGS-MCR-M-20011: Medium ---> fits 5ft 4inches to 5ft 11inches tall Approximately 120 lbs to 190 lbs (Old Part Number 5205KIT)
  • HGS-MCR-L-20031:Size Large fits 6ft to 6ft 4inches tall Approximately 190 lbs to 230 lbs (Old Part Number CS-MCR-L-10091, 5305KIT)
  • HGS-MCR-XL-20051:Size Extra large fits 6ft 4inches and up Approximately 230 lbs and up (Old Part number: CS-MCR-XL-10111, 5405KIT)

    Choosing the Right Size: BLAUER TACTICAL SYSTEMS High Gear System
    HIGH GEAR™ is designed for athletes. Each component’s sizing is based on an athletic cut (similar to protective gear worn in hockey or football). Fit is controlled by Velcro enclosures. The gear should be snug when worn correctly.

    Real fighting takes place without sparring gear...but there are situations and phases in training where intelligently designed gear can provide a distinct advantage.

    Here are some of the training and tactical advantages of using HIGH GEAR™:

    • MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT PROTECTIVE PADDING: HIGH GEAR™ uses ‘smart foams’ that allow for virtually full mobility and fluid shock transfer when struck. We've designed it to transfer energy & impact. In other still get hit and feel it! But, it protects you from cuts and major bruising.

    • GREATER CONTACT & POWER DEVELOPMENT: HIGH GEAR™ provides a distinct advantage by allowing combat athletes to generate more speed and intensity during training but without the normal risks associated with conventional sparring like bruising, cuts, and so on.

    • UNSURPASSED MOBILITY: HIGH GEAR™ is so streamlined that athletes from any style can work almost all their tactics & techniques without the restrictions of bulky protective equipment.

    • FIGHT ANALYSIS, ISOLATION & REPLICATION DRILLS: Coaches can study an opponent’s tapes and then have sparring partners wearing HIGH GEAR ‘replicate' the attack while the athlete finesses the counter…over & over and at full speed and with serious contact! An unprotected sparring partner would never last as long.

    • EXPERIMENTING WITH NEW TECHNIQUES: New tactics can be experimented with without the fear or risk of getting cut or caught.

    • PROTECTING CUTS OR OTHER INJURIES: In the case of an accidental cut in training, HIGH GEAR™ can be used to protect both the sparring partners and the fighter so the fighters can continue to sharpen their skills as they peak for fightnight.

    • RING GENERALSHIP: HIGH GEAR™ will improve confidence and therefore help generate a stronger performance and it will likely improve a contact fighter's career longevity.

    • ASSETS & INVESTMENTS: HIGH GEAR™ is a missing link that can help improve training intensity, refine technique under resistance, diversify tactics, as well as help fighters protect & heal injures while continuing to train for events.

    • THE POLITICS OF SAFETY: Integrating state-of-the-art protective gear sends a professional message regarding safety and preparation.


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