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RedMan XP 4X4 Training Package

RedMan XP 4X4 Training Package
Item# RM-4X4
Regular price: $5,445.00
Sale price: $4,365.65
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The RedMan XP 4X4 Package includes everything you need to train groups of four officers at one time. The complete training gear, includes:
  • 4 RedMan Student Suits (traditional head, student body guard, elbow/knee guard)
  • 1 Redman XP Suit (complete suit)
  • 1 Special Configuration Pack (Enhanced Head Assembly, Forearm Guards, Inner chest guard, enhanced lower abdominal pad, foot guards, shin knee guards, attachable face shield, elbow guards, self defense punch, inert oc spray)
  • 1 4X4 Accessory Pack (4-Training batons, 2-Striking Shields, 3-Equipment Bags, 2-Disinfectant Cleaner and 1-Repair Kit)

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