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Please Note: ODV Narco Pouches are Discontinuing and the NIK Equivalent Tests Will be Substituted When the ODV Kits is no Longer Available.

Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)
Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)
Narco Pouch Tests (For Official Use Only)
Item# ODV-9XX
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ODV NarcoPouch Kits are Being Discontinued Please See NIK Individual Test Kits when Searching for a Proper Substitute.

ODV NarcoPouch Drug Test Kits. Crime laboratories are so busy that drug tests take too long. With the cooperation of the Prosecuting Attorney, many police agencies have turned to presumptive drug testing. If the results indicate that an illegal substance is present, criminal charges may be filed.

NarcoPouch® presumptive field drug tests show all color reactions directly in front of the ampoule being broken. To simplify the usage of the pouches, a numbering system of 1-2 or 1-2-3 is printed on the front of multiple ampoule tests. To eliminate background colors and improve visibility in low light situations, a white panel has been added to the rear of the pouch. For added safety, a plastic harness now wraps completely around the ampoules, to prevent broken glass from puncturing the pouch. Each box includes 10 individual tests with the exception of test 928 GHB Reagent which only has 5 Tests per box.

Narcopouch Features:

Up to three chemical ampoules per pouch provides greater substance discrimination White background on each pouch makes identifying color changes easier and more accurate Color results for target substance is printed on the front of each pouch Safety holder helps to prevent broken glass from puncturing the pouch during normal use

Available Kits:
  • 910 Acid Neutralizer, Neutralizing agent at end of test (# 1006328 )
  • 901 Mayer's Reagent ,General Screening (# 1006316 )
  • 902 Marquis Reagent, General Screening - ===>Now Replaced by NIK A test"
  • 903 Nitric Acid , Confirming Test (# 1006318 )
  • 904B Cocaine Salts and Base Reagent: Pink over Blue indicates the presence of Cocaine HC1 or Cocaine Base - ===>Now Replaced by NIK G test
  • 905 Dille-Koppanyi Reagent, Barbiturates (# 1006320 )
  • 906 Mandelin Reagent, Methadone (# 1006321 )
  • 907 Ehrlich's Reagent ,LSD (D-Lysergic Acid Dithylamide) (# 1006323 )
  • 908 Duquenois-Levine Marijuana Test, -Marijuana, Hashish and Hash Oil - Best Seller! (# 1006325 )
  • 909 KN Reagent Marijuana, Fast Blue B - Marijuana, Hashish and Hash Oil ===>Now Replaced by NIK S test, Add$(+4.85)"
  • 912 Morris Reagent - Ketamine ===>Now Replaced by NIK T test
  • 914 PCP/Methaqualone Test (# 1006331 )
  • 922 Opiates, Oxycodone and Heroin - Best Seller! (# 1006341 ) ==> Now Replaced by NIK K Test
  • 923 Methamphetamine and MDMA (Ecstacy) Reagent - ===>Now Replaced by NIK U test
  • 924 Mecke's Reagent for Heroin (White, Brown and Black Tar): Turn Green in the presence of Heroin. Purple after first ampoule indicates Exstasy (MDMA)- ===>Now Replaced by NIK L test"
  • 925 Valium, Ketamine and Rohypnol Reagent===>Now Replaced by NIK R test"
  • 926 Frohdes Reagent, Talwin (Pentazocine) (# 1006345 )
  • 927 Chen's Reagent, Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine (# 1006346 )
  • 928 GHB Reagent (Gamma Hydroxybutyrate) (# 1006347 ) Note: The 928 has only 5 Tests per box
  • 929 Psilocybin Mushrooms Reagent - Discontinued =>Please Order the 20030 NARK II Psilocybin/Psilocin Mushrooms Reagent

Presumptive Drug Testing for Bath Salts:

In order to prevent cross confusion regarding similar results for other drugs, is recommended that all three tests (A/902, G/904B, U/923) be used when testing for Bath Salts:

Nik Test A /ODV 902 (Marquis Reagent): Results are a bright yellow color Nik Test G/ODV904B (Scott Reagent): Results are blue color after breaking the first ampoule. This reaction in consistent with the results of Cocaine, Lidocaine, Methadone and Ketamine, so care should be taken when presumptively identifying this drug with this test only. The second and third ampoules are not necessary when testing for Bath Salts.
Nik Test U/ODV 923: Results are a dark blue or purble color. This test will produce results with all forms of Bath Salts. this test also produces the same results for methamphetamines and Ecstasy.

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